Hi! I'm Jaedon.

Embedded Full-Stack Developer

I’m a student at Oregon State University working toward a B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Previously a software developer at AirScape Fans, with 3+ years of experience working on embedded systems.

I’m passionately interested in all kinds of computing and electronics—both as an engineering discipline and art form. My experience includes:

  • hardware design
  • systems programming
  • firmware development
  • scripting/process automation
  • PCB layout & prototyping
  • 0603/TSSOP-size soldering
  • full stack web design
  • system administration

Otherwise, I enjoy cooking, woodworking, photography, science fiction, weird horror, and strange video games. I speak English fluently, and een beetje Nederlands (a little Dutch).

Feel free to contact me via email at: